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Video | 2022 In Review - Part One

Happy new year! We are a month in, obviously, and finally getting around to writing here. We've decided a fitting way to start 2023 is with a review of last year, so here is Part One of our visual recap of 2022.

A quick note before proceeding that we appreciate so much the lovely comments folks have left on our posts -- our blog hosting Wix is screwing up us being able to see who has left them and us being able to reply so we are so sorry and so grateful for your kind words.

Throughout the year -- starting from packing up in Cork through to that positive pre-flight PCR test then being well enough to travel to London and head home to Australia -- Aoife (hello, it's me, hi!) has been shooting everyday footage on the iPhone 12. This started as a daily project in 2021 that was abandoned due to our third lockdown (there's only so much of the 5km walk footage you can enthusiastically capture from different angles) and was picked back up for the past year.

Organising and editing this footage was actually a delight; revisiting our time with loved ones and travels to new places, re-experiencing things we've missed so much like festivals and hugging people and swimming in the Pacific Ocean, and just remembering why we decided to embrace the type of adventure we've never had before and take a year to explore beyond the things we've always known.

The main takeaway from editing this is that the world, most people, and being alive is all incredibly beautiful. Equally, there are always hard times and yet, to quote Simon, we're grateful to take the good with the bad while also trying to find something to laugh about if not during then afterwards -- including seasickness, the second round of the spicy cough that came for us again in Barcelona, and the demoralising reality of giardia. The bottom line from all of this is that no matter what, things can go wrong and we are learning, steeply, that it happens and then to figure it out from there. Carpe YOLO as the kids don't actually really say.

We still have a lot to write here about what the last 12 months were like, a thorough debrief on the toenail debacle of the Balkans (drafted and being edited, promise), some actual utility posts about travelling the way we did, other stories about how we found the sabbatical, our trek in the Accursed Mountains, and our shift in planning for what we're doing in 2023.

We hope you enjoy Part One of 2022 and wishing you all the very best for the year ahead!

Much love always,

A&S xx


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