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Autumn Postcards from Cork

Just sharing snapshots from around Cork over the last little while. The leaves are falling and we're unpacking our woollens for the short, cold days ahead. I had a gingerbread latte yesterday and we're eating lots of panettone with lashings of butter. All hail the cooler months!

It's so strange to think that not only were we in lockdown this time last year, it also really affected how we experienced the 2020 Autumn season. I just don't even remember seeing the leaves change and I guess that was because we spent most days inside except for the requisite stupid little walk. This time around though, we're full on basic fall fiends or at least I am! Let the pictures speak for themselves...

Along the Marina walk (we live straight down the opposite bank where you can see the cluster of buildings - about 2.5km on foot)

Fully-fledged spooky season!

The front of our Customs House buildings

In addition to all this leaf peeping (I know, but they really are stunning), we've been making up for lost time with the things that were shut down for so long: grabbing a pint at local pubs, seeing some Irish artists live, catching up on movies that are finally released, and going to the hurling! Speaking from the other side, it was worth the wait.

We had a family Kenny gathering last weekend and loved catching up with and/or meeting cousins for the first time! For Simon, it was a lot like being with the extended Lane-O'Dea clan and I would be lying if I said we didn't miss everyone desperately. We're so grateful to start to have family time here and feel like the city is alive again.

Hoping that this post shares some of the cosiness with you that we're feeling and helps get in the festive spirit xx A&S

Facing the Mardyke walk — there’s a trail through the trees you see across the water and behind the camera is Bachelor’s Quay where my mum grew up


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