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  • Simon Lane

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Winter mornings here are basically this

Um.. Wot?

“Ye carnt bring ye hars n boogie in’t te tuhnnel! (tiss incloodes chariots an th’sart)”

Sloppy Guiseppe? Isn’t that the creepy guy from Eurotrip? “Ahh mi scusi”

#Cork #Ireland

  • Simon Lane

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Walking around Sunday’s Well

Near UCC


Glucksman Art Gallery

Basically a friggin‘ Monet

Bunsen’s double cheeseburger

Wild holly bush

Overnight at Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel for Aoife’s birthday

Happy birthday madam! Xoxo

#Cork #Ireland

  • Aoife Lane

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

We’ve been here in Ireland for two and a half weeks (in Cork the entire time) and it’s safe to say we’re completely smitten! We’ve been blessed with blue skies as well as some unseasonal sunshine however as the day closes in, the temperature drops really quickly and gifts us with some of the most beautiful wintry sunsets conceivable (I’m hopeful we might get snow based on the extra warm days).

Dreamy and chilly, believe me

We are generally getting around either on public transport (double decker buses that give us a bird’s eye view of charming narrow streets and gorgeous houses). We’re also walking a lot and, as always, it’s my preferred way to discover a new place. I’ll put it out there now: Cork begs to be enjoyed and there’s so much to enjoy. We basically stop every half a block to bookmark places and take pictures.

Around Cork City and a walk we did recently on an old railway line converted to public space

Amongst our visits to recruiters, we’ve also made our way to UCC (University College Cork) and soaked up some of the lush campus. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves — it’s about 25 minutes walk from the city centre.

Needless to say, we’ll be back and we’re looking forward to tackling one of the many walks that circuit around the university as well as checking out the gallery Simon is pictured on the other side of above

Finally, we’re still loving all of the street art and sculptures dotted everywhere — here are some gems from the last few days or so. Let me say it again: we love it here and are thrilled to be sharing this special place with you, too.

Technically not street art but it was on the side of a building…

#Cork #Ireland

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