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Two Lane Highway is our digital record of our adventures, experiences and everything in between we’d like to share along the way.

One of our favourite things to do together is be as silly as possible and so Two Lane Highway is a deliberately punny way – in both name and practice – to record all of our mega derps and ridiculous stories so that we can look back and crack up all over again.

Things to expect:

• One of our mottos is “Exploration over escape” and we are always doing our best to make the most of the moment we’re in – this does include some of our greatest hits including Aoife backing the car into a palm tree at their old apartment and Simon pranging a just-rented scooter in Phuket. There’ll be stories about everyday life, jaunts galore and the fails in between

• A record of how we go about doing things – travel recommendations, food discoveries and downsizing to life overseas. Basically: we like talking about the how and it’s a good way to keep track of the journey, too.

• Other bits relevant to each of us: music (Simon), reading (Aoife) and gallivanting (both Lanes), plus much more, to be sure.


Much love, Aoife & Simon

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